Do auspicious work in auspicious Hora same as Muhurta

Do auspicious work in auspicious Hora same as Muhurta

Hora is beautiful concept in vedic astrology. We used to find muhurta for auspicious work. The way we should do auspicious work in hora of particular planet. Great sage Parashara coined the word hora. Hour is derived from Hora. Both have same meaning. Hora means hour of particular graha (planet). If you want to ensure success of your work, you should do the work in related hora

  • Sun: work related to government, politics, father, self confidence, boss, bone should be done in sun hora.
  • Moon: Work related to emotion, meditation, mother, milk, caring, food, poetry should be done in moon hora.
  • Mercury: Work related to phone call, communication, publishing, information sharing, social media should be done in this hora.
  • Jupiter:  Work related to meditation, spiritual sadhna, learning, teaching, finance, legality, advice should be done in this hora.
  • Venus: Work related to wife, Women, love, movies and entertainment and buying vehicle should be done in this hora.
  • Saturn: Work related to cleaning, contract, donation, labor, service should be done in this hora.
  • Mars: Work related to sports, Electronics, Engineering, property buying should be done in this hora.

Today’s hora (consider one hour from given time)

Sun: 10.05 am, 5.05 pm, 12.05 am

Venus: 11.05 am, 6.05 pm, 1.05 am

Mercury: 12.05 pm, 7.05 pm, 2.05 am

Moon: 6.05 am, 1.05 pm, 8.05 pm, 3.05 am

Saturn: 7.05 am, 2.05 pm, 9.05 pm, 4.00 am

Jupiter: 8.05 am, 3.05 pm, 10.05 pm, 5.05 am

Mars: 9.05 am, 4.05 pm, 11.05 pm,

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